Industrial Construction Services, Inc.


At Industrial Construction Services, Inc. (ICS) we pride ourselves in the integrity of our services. Our top priority is complete customer satisfaction.  We take superior products, like Arcoplast Systems, and distinguish our projects with unsurpassed workmanship.  ICS is the right choice whether you are in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biomedical or technology industry.

Our focus is on contamination controlled environments.  We have experience in these industries, and we are familiar with the regulations, guidelines, and high standards expected in these demanding climates.  We carry and install products that are specifically designed for biomedical and biocontainment laboratories, vivariums, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical operations, and food and beverage operations.  From small renovations to major expansions, ICS is at your service.  We appreciate strict production schedules and it is our objective to minimize impact on our client's operations.

Over Ten Years of Service

In the past it has been virtually "standard practice" for processors and manufacturers to hire a local contractor to handle their building and remodeling needs.   This has contributed to the massive amounts of product recalls we hear about in the media every day.  Although these residential and commercial contractors may hold very high quality standards for building and remodeling, they generally do not have a true understanding of what these processing environments really require.  They're usually not familiar with USDA and/or FDA regulations/requirements, nor mindful to consider such things as cross-contamination.

Industrial Construction Services, Inc. (ICS) was founded and formed in 1994 with the intention of meeting the specific needs of food and beverage processing facilities. Over the years, the sanitary products and practices we developed in relation to food hygiene have translated to other applications.  Today we also build pharmaceutical cleanrooms, biocontainment laboratories, and other critical contamination controlled environments.

ICS has modified and improved its products and services through the years to accommodate the rapidly changing industries.  With the customer and the end consumer in mind, ICS takes pride in providing sanitary and safe processing environments.

ICS is also committed to the safety of their employees and the client's employees.  Our technicians are trained to work in these demanding environments, and our customers can count on complete satisfaction both in product quality and the quality of installation/craftsmanship.

Many food, beverage, and pharmaceutical operations are housed in very old buildings.  Government regulations of these processing and manufacturing environments become more demanding each year.  It is often not feasible for companies to build new facilities for their operations, but renovations can still be very expensive.  When the decision is made to remodel or renovate, selecting the right product and installation contractor is critically important.

Our clients want to ensure a consistent, high-quality product and this begins with the processing environment.  ICS can assist their clients with product selection and installation methods.  Let ICS help you with your next project; you won't be disappointed.

Mission Statement

ICS will be a superior company by retaining elite employees and applying leading edge technology to provide permanent solutions for the design and construction of our customer's facilities; while maintaining high profitability for a generous return to our investors, future growth of our company and enhance the lives of our personnel.