Industrial Construction Services, Inc.


Industrial Construction Services, Inc. is a leading Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical specialty contractor, who believes that success is built around people.  If you share our commitment to serving customers, we’d love to share the exciting possibilities of an ICS career with you!

Our Commitment to Service

In 1994, we opened our doors in Minnesota and with hard work and great customer service we now offer our specialty products and services to customers around the world. ICS is a growing company and we’re always looking for individuals who want to grow with us.

Although much of our work is local, our out-of-state projects offer our employees the opportunity to travel and enjoy a unique, diverse workplace.  We offer a competitive compensation package, retirement plans, bonus on profits, immediate accrual vacation hours, health, dental, life insurance, and more.

For Employment

Please e-mail your resume to us at or contact us at:

Industrial Construction Services, Inc.
215 Fifteenth Street South
Saint James, MN  56081-2438

Phone:  507.375.4633
Fax:  507.375.7513
or Toll Free at 1.800.795.8315